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There is a high school dropout epidemic in America. Each year, almost one third of all public high school students – and nearly one half of all Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans – fail to graduate from public high school with their class.

Dropouts are much more likely than their peers who graduate to be unemployed, living in poverty, receiving public assistance, in prison, on death row, unhealthy, divorced and single parents with children who drop out from high school themselves.

Nearly half of high school dropouts say that classes were not interesting. Most said they weren't motivated or inspired to work hard. More and more educators are realizing the importance of motivation in order for learning to take place.

CoolSpeak was founded in 2009 and is the leading youth engagement organization delivering key programs and events to keep students inspired, parents involved and teachers engaged.  The CoolSpeak platform offers tailored interaction and structure that allows educational institutions, organizations and businesses worldwide to foster their educational agendas and support youth outreach.  CoolSpeak provides its excellence through research, strategies, proven concepts, online resources and materials enabling intrinsic motivation, personal growth and self-sustaining inspiration.  CoolSpeak strives to provide inspiration so that learning can take place allowing each and every student, parent and teacher to achieve their fullest potential.

Improving Education. Inspiring Learning. Infusing Cool.

Our Team

Carlos Ojeda Jr.

Carlos Ojeda Jr.  1286224443_097690-linkedin-logo-square2 1286219389_097740-twitter-logo-square1286219340_097668-facebook-logo-square

President & CEO

He has been called one of the most dynamic speakers under 40 in America. Over the course of his career he has traveled all across the country and has spoken to tens of thousands of students and education professionals, sharing his message of educational empowerment. He received his bachelor's degree in Business Management with a Minor in Marketing and a Minor in Law from Bloomsburg University, his Master's in Business Administration with a focus in business development, entrepreneurship and organization development from Kutztown University.

Ernesto Mejia

Ernesto Mejia 1286224443_097690-linkedin-logo-square21286219389_097740-twitter-logo-square1286219340_097668-facebook-logo-square

Vice President & CSO

He is the proud son of immigrant parents and is a great example of what all parents strive for across the country, the "American Dream." Through his humble, yet passionate words he has been able to inspire thousands of students to believe in themselves, dream big, and appreciate their family. Going from a college drop out to a college Dean of Student Success was no small task, but one that he is very proud of. He received his Bachelors degree from Eastern Michigan University in Spanish Literature with a minor in Social Sciences. His Masters degree from Lewis University in Organizational Leadership with a focus on Higher Education.

Mena Badros

Mena Badros 1286224443_097690-linkedin-logo-square21286219389_097740-twitter-logo-square1286219340_097668-facebook-logo-square

Assistant Vice President & CMO

He lives to inspire and help others live to their purpose. Throughout his years, Mena has faced extreme illnesses and near-death encounters. Having been miraculously blessed with another life, Mena realizes the precious value of every thing that has been placed in our lives which many take for granted - most importantly, the most basic yet essential blessing of all - Life! He received his Bachelor's in Electronic Media with a minor in Economics and Speech Communication.


Michelle Mazaheri Williams 1286224443_097690-linkedin-logo-square21286219389_097740-twitter-logo-square1286219340_097668-facebook-logo-square

Assistant Vice President & COO

Michelle Mazaheri Williams is the daughter of an Iranian father and Colombian mother who came to this country looking for the “American Dream."  Struggling to make it in college but determined to achieve their dreams, they taught Michelle to live with purpose and passion by working hard, getting an education, and never forgetting where she came from. Through humor and passion she infuses a spark in today’s young leaders with the belief that anything is possible.  Michelle received a Bachelor's Degree of Business Adminstration with a Minor in Marketing from Oklahoma City University.


Joey Negron 1286224443_097690-linkedin-logo-square21286219389_097740-twitter-logo-square1286219340_097668-facebook-logo-square

Assistant Vice President & CBO

Joey Negron infuses charisma, passion, humor, loyalty and a "try it again" approach to life and social work as a Behavior Specialist Consultant, Author, and Motivational Speaker. With the unique blend of education, family values, and allegiance to his social economic roots, Joey utilizes real life approach interventions to help today's youth that is searching for guidance. In 2007, Joey published his first book, a memoir titled, 1ZERO9 (One Zero Nine) to help people with ongoing issues in society such as teenage pregnancy, dealing with death, and being a father. Joey received a Bachelor's Degree of Sociology from Saint Peter's College and a Masters of Social Work Degree from Marywood University.


Lina Traslaviña Stover1286224443_097690-linkedin-logo-square21286219389_097740-twitter-logo-square1286219340_097668-facebook-logo-square

Assistant Vice President & CRO

Lina is a passionate and disciplined individual who believes in being a student for life. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Sociology; and in 2007 she received her Master of Science in Urban Studies. When it was time to go to college, the expectation was for her to follow her big brother’s footsteps and attend college in Nebraska. Although all seemed perfect with Lina, she had a secret. The urges to be perfect and have control over her life lead her to develop poor self-esteem and develop an eating disorder. Eventually, the secret caught up with her and she got help. Today she shares the story of her struggle in hope of inspiring others to believe in themselves; to be human not perfect.



Upcoming Events!

Speaker Derek Felton


Youth Workforce Development program
FamilyLinks, Seven Springs, PA
Speaker Carlos Ojeda Jr.

Office of Enrollment Retreat

Energizing the Student Affairs professionals as they prepare for a new semester.
Radford University, Radford, VA
Speaker Ernesto Mejia

2016 STC New Student Orientations

New Student Orientations
South Texas College, Weslaco, TX
Speaker Ernesto Mejia

2016 STC New Student Orientations

New Student Orientations
South Texas College, McAllen, TX
Speaker Ernesto Mejia

2016 STC New Student Orientations

New Student Orientations
South Texas College, McAllen, TX
Speaker Timothy Stafford

Winston Campus Junior High

Motivational and Inspirational Event For 7th and 8th Grade Students With Tim Stafford
Winston Campus Junior High, Palatine, IL
Speaker Ernesto Mejia

2016 ABAC Winter HEP Retreat

Preparing our HEP students for graduation
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA
Speaker Melvin Adams

Bell High School

Motivating High School Students To Achieve Their Dreams
Bell High School, Ottawa, ON
Speaker Timothy Stafford

Lead-Deadwood Middle School

Lead-Deadwood Annual School Presentation
Lead-Deadwood Middle School, Lead, SD
Speaker Carlos Ojeda Jr.

EdCon 2016

Equipping the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals professionals to connect with their students on a deeper level.

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